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Could you please provide some information about the origin, age and value of this sofa? I acquired it today and I have no idea what type of wood or if it's been reupholstered (my guess is that it has). It has wheels as well but I'm not sure what they're made of either.

ANSWER: I need to see photos of the sofa and a close up of the foot with the wheel.

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QUESTION: Thanks for the fast response!

ANSWER: This is a French Napoleon III style settee, it looks like it has been reupholstered, it looks like the wood is Mahogany and the wheels are brass.

For me to confirm my analysis, I would need to see detailed photos of the underside of the sofa where the leg meets the chair frame.  if there is fabric on the underside pull a few staples out and pull back the fabric before you take a photo.

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QUESTION: Please let me know if this isn't the right angle. Thanks again!

This was made at the end of the 19th century circa 1890's, I have seen this type of sofa sell for around $1,000 to $1,500 in perfect restored condition. It is not an easy piece to sell because the style is not easy to mix, but, there is a market for this style.  I hope I have answered all your questions.

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