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Hello,  I have recently found a Fairbanks #7698 scale (stamped underneath)among my father's possessions, and am trying to find out more about it - it's original purpose, and also when it was produced. It has #848 in gold paint on the part that holds the tray, and has part of a decal remaining on the tray with what appears to be "Global Standard". It looks to be complete and includes both imperial and metric weights.  Thank you. Ruth

Hi Ruth,

Thanks for the photos.  Fairbanks manufactured these trip scales for many years and in many different styles and sizes.  In their 1925 Canadian catalog, Trip Scales are described as follows: “Accurate durable scales meeting all retail requirements-adapted to many special uses.  The retail merchant handling the many varieties of food, and food-products is confronted by an absolute necessity for accurate weights.  The scale is the most important factor to determine his profit. Practically all the merchandise is sold by weight. An over-weight however small means a definite loss to the merchant and the loss on a package is multiplied by the number of packages sold. The merchant must protect himself by using accurate scales, scales that will remain accurate under the everyday conditions of his service.

For weighing every kind of food and food-products sold over the retail counter,  or for weighing out any merchandise into packages or containers, the Trip or even-balance scale offers the utmost convenience with finest accuracy and reliability.  The even-balance scale must of necessity be extremely sensitive and accurate for upon it the load is in every case balanced by an equal standard weight without multiplication or transmission of any kind and with the smallest possible number of bearings and parts.

Fairbanks Trip Scales are built heavy and strong to give years of satisfactory service under all commercial conditions. The entire construction is rigid and stable so that plates, pans or scoops cannot tip. The knife-edges are of special tempered steel.

The shape of these bearings and knife-edges is such as to always ensure a return to perfect contact after the beam has been displaced by weighing and the main bearing is protected from dirt by a metal shield. A shot-box for balancing the scale is fastened underneath the plate so that the plate must be unscrewed to allow access to the shot, a standard requirement for this type of scale. The scales are graceful and artistically designed to present an attractive appearance, being regularly given a baked enamel finish, which is both handsome and durable.

In the following pages will be seen scales to weigh every retail commodity-meats, groceries, dairy products, candies, fabrics, chemicals, tobacco, with scoops and pans of various kinds, shapes and sizes, to accommodate different commodities; weight plates to match; side beams for fractional weighing; plain bearings or agate bearings for fine weighing; finish, veried for special service, paint or galvanizing for protection against moisture; scales of every desirable size and capacity for every service.”

Your scale is further described as follows: “Trip Scale with Side Beam.  The scales may be fitted throughout with agate bearings at extra cost and also with side Beam. Nickel-plated loose weights in convenient units give up to full capacity.  Finished in durable and attractive baked enamel, maroon color.
The scales will be sent without weights unless otherwise ordered. “

The scales were available with the following arrangements:
With Scoop, Plate and Side Beam.
Code no.       Equipment          Capacity   Side Beam
922      tin scoop and 11 in iron plate      25lbs by ¼ oz   32 by ¼ oz
705      tin scoop and 9 in iron plate      16lbs by ¼ oz   16 by ¼ oz
706       tin scoop and 7 in iron plate      10lbs by ¼ oz   16 by ¼ oz
707      tin scoop and 6 in iron plate      6lbs by ¼ oz   16 by ¼ oz
708      tin scoop and 5 in iron plate      2lbs by ¼ oz   8 by ¼ oz
924      brass scoop and 11 in iron plate      25lbs by ¼ oz   32 by ¼ oz
713      brass scoop and 9 in iron plate      16lbs by ¼ oz   16 by ¼ oz
714      brass scoop and 7 in iron plate      10lbs by ¼ oz   16 by ¼ oz
715      brass scoop and 6 in iron plate      6lbs by ¼ oz   16 by ¼ oz
716      brass scoop and 9 in iron plate      16lbs by ¼ oz   16 by ¼ oz

Weight sets in Metric and avoirdupois standards could be bought with the scale and were also available separate.

Retail Value, complete with weights might be $75-$150.
Hope this helps.
Weigh Daily!!!
Bill & Jan Berning

Hope this helps.

Weigh Daily!!!

Bill & Jan Berning

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