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Would you have any knowledge of  a framed wreath  woven of human hair in shadow box and and old pipe? I believe the wreath is in the original frame and was told it is circa 1860 Thanks

photo request
photo request  
Hi Marlene-
My guess is that the hair is a mourning piece of some kind. I need just a little more info before I begin research. Is it an actual stand-alone wreath or some kind of needlework or embroidered design tacked into the fabric? A close-up of the fabric will give me a better idea. If possible, please remove the insert frpm the frame and check for handmarks. It's odd that someone would make this to immortalize their loved one and not bother to pencil name & date it. My email is, send me more close shot photos if possible. Also is this a family heirloom or a recent addition to your collection?I will need to see the back of the frame jointing on the frame. Close up of the raiser inlays on the frame.
I'm handing the keyboard to my husband for your pipe and he's real excited about the frame too!
Hope to talk to you soon-
Brandi Barkheimer
American Artifacts
New Philadelphia, Ohio

Hey Marlene-
First, I need you to take photos from the top, bottom, a close up of the art work, a "down the bowl" type shot showin the bowl rim, & a good close up of the area circled in the attached photo. I think your pipe has maritime ties, that's going to be fun to research!

As for the frame, it's really special. I need a shot of the back, a close-up of a corner joint from the front and back, & as close a shot you can get of the gold wood grain and it's flowers as well. Go ahead and send them to Brandi with whatever she requested. We'll look them over, resarch and debate!

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