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Masons outside
Masons outside  
I was given a small collection of thimbles from my grandmother. She was given them by her mother. I have three that have ''Mason patent ironstone made in England''.
there is one with 'hollohaza Hungary 1834 -2'.
One just says Japan on the inside. One has niagara-on-the-lake Ontario on the outside. The rest are blank or have a name and 1982 written inside. They are all floral print. I was just wondering what they were worth.

Thank you very much,


(I can only send two pictures please let me know if the Hungary thimble interests you and you wish for a picture of that as well)

Hello Rebecca.

If the two pictures you provided are representative of the thimble collection, they are contemporary.  Many of the porcelain houses of Europe issued thimbles with their marks as part of a paid subscription type of would get one a month for a certain price.  These were issues in vast quantities, so they are common in the secondary market.  Since they are not antique, there isn't much reference on them and I don't collect them.  They are, however, found often on ebay.  You may want to search completed thimble auctions to ascertain their individual values.  

If the rest of the collection is different than the photos you sent, I'll see if I can add any more information if you can send pictures to me at

Hope this helps.  


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I have been collecting for almost 30 years.

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