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Figurine Lamp Front
Figurine Lamp Front  

Figurine Lamp Base
Figurine Lamp Base  

My name is Jeremiah and I am currently trying to find out further information regarding an antique porcelain accent lamp that's been in my family for a long time. I have a good idea what era the lamp may be from.  But I'd like some help to give it a date, Manufacturer and ideally an estimate of what it's worth today.     I have attached 3 photos of the lamp.  

  This small portable accent lamp is porcelain. The dimensions are 5" W x 10 1/2" H x 3" D.(there is no shade) The lamps features 2 handcrafted figurines in 18th century Lower-Aristocratic Dress. They are hand painted with gold gilded accents. The electrical fixtures are original(Leviton). MADE IN JAPAN is clearly stamped in RED on the bottom of the lamp. Also, there is the original, intact 'Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc.' label with more info...

Information I found on the lamp:

1. Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc.
2. Inspected, Portable Lamp
3. Issue No. 10903
4. Leviton electrical fittings (original)
5. 'MADE IN JAPAN' stamped in RED letters

The LAMP is in beautiful, excellent condition!
It works very well too.
From what i can tell, I guessed this item is Pre-World War II --
sometime during the 1920's-30's. Before the U.S. had trouble with Japan.  But I could be wrong.  

Any info you could give me will be very appreciated! I just need to know more about it's backround, date and estimated value.

Thank you in advance for your time and help!



Hi Jeremiah,
These are called "boudoir" French Colonial Figural lamps. Unfortunately,  these were what collector's call "knock-offs", I have attached a photo of the more desirable lamp they were trying to "duplicate". They were mass imported during the exact time you had guessed. It will be difficult to ping on exactly where it was made and by whom, as several factories in Japan made nearly identical pieces with the goal of mass exporting.
  I saw one like yours, well, they were a pair with the man on one lamp and the woman on another, go at auction for $40 the set. An exact duplicate of your lamp was recently sold on eBay for a little less than $20. Please think of handing it down, as over time the value will increase. The tag on the bottom is interesting, as now we see UL certified stickers on every electrical item sold in the US. Google the company for a more in depth history.
With Love from Ohio-

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