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DeJUR Model 750 8mm Projector
DeJUR Model 750 8mm Pr  

DeJUR Model 750 8mm Projector name plate
DeJUR Model 750 8mm Pr  
Hello, I have here a DeJUR U.S.A. Model 750 8mm Projector. The projector works; the film reel holders spin and the bulb lights up. I have the case, the projector, the cord and the manual. I attached 2 photographs. I wanted to know the history about this piece and is there a collector's value. Thanks for the help!

Hi Taylor-
DeJUR was a "reseller" in the home movie & camera industry. They were based in New York during the 50s. The company usually ordered stock from Japan and added their name placard to the items they sold.
Due to the quality construction of the projectors(and America's dads and grandpas taking such good care of them) made during this time, many of them survive. Rarity is a determining factor for both monetary worth and collectibility. It may be very hard to find a buyer for your item, best of luck to you dear!

With Love from Ohio-

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