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McCoy Pet Bowl
McCoy Pet Bowl  

Mccoy pet bowl 2
Mccoy pet bowl 2  
Dear Mr. Wolbach,
Thank you for volunteering your expertise for this wonderful resource. I've used it several times and appreciate everyone of you.

I purchased what looks to be a McCoy pet bowl, in a local Salvation Army thrift shop, and I am curious about both its authenticity, as well as its approximate value. I am planning posting it online, for sale, and do not want to represent something as genuine, if I have no idea either way.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Looks like the real deal to me...I've seen quite a few of these over the years and the bottom mark is correct and authentic.  Value always depends on condition, which I'm assuming is mint.  If not, the value would diminish significantly if cracked, chipped, repaired, etc.

Based on mint condition, I would say that such a piece would generate $50 - $75 on the open market to the right seller.  If it sells for more, all the better.  Good luck and thanks for the question.


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