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My uncle has this slot machine I typed in pat'd jan-17-22 like it says and it says some pace slot machine was patd that day but there is no insignia of that manufacturer. It says BD NOVELTIES Los angles ca. under the glass window where the nickels are visible. where you put the nickel in it shows the pat'd date... wonder if you ever came across this machine? Thanks, Jason


I'm not familiar with the slot machine based on the information you provided me.  Please email me a photo ( ).  

You can look at the following photo gallery:

The name BD Novelties was probably the distributor of the slot, not its manufacturer.  Pace is one of the major slot manufacturers.

The patent date could be of the slot, but frequently it is the patent date of one particular part and the slot that uses that part could have been made many years later.

You may also want to ask Dave Burritt, another AllExpert.

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