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close up of leg
close up of leg  
drop leaf table
drop leaf table  
QUESTION: I bought this table today for $65.00. The girl who sold it to me said it had been in her mom's kitchen for as long as she could remember. She didn't know anything about the missing leaf and didn't know it had one. When I got it home, I pulled it out and saw Buffalo Hardware Co Patented 18? ( it may say 1868) And some other words that I couldn't make out. It has what I think says, 1880 stamped on it as well, but its very hard to read. The castors on the bottom say Bassick  I was wondering if you could tell me approximately how old the table is and what kind of wood is it made from? And could you tell me an approximate value on the table? Thanks so much!

ANSWER: have to have a clear and close picture of the wood grain to help there

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label inside table
label inside table  
close up
close up  
QUESTION: Here is a close up of the grain and a picture of the label inside the table.  Thank you for your help.

ANSWER: it looks link butternut to me which is more in line with how these were done in the late 1880-90s.  this was a production made table usually accompanied with 2-5 leaves.
I cannot read the writing in the photo so i cannot comment on that.

we see these tables in walnut and butternut-butternut is often called white walnut as the grains are similar.  legs and apron may or may not be the same wood, i cannot tell in the photo, you will have to determine that.

in good strong sturdy condition with 4-5 leaves these can sell over 1200 finished and repaired properly.  with no leaves in the same condition i just described around 850.

from what i can deduce in the photo this one would be at 550 in a shop minimum and depending on the condition would move up or down.

i am a little confused about this statement could you elaborate? "When I got it home, I pulled it out and saw Buffalo Hardware Co Patented what had the..."

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QUESTION: I didn't make that very clear did I? I meant when I brought the table home and pulled the sides apart (like I was inserting a leaf) I saw Buffalo Hardware Co  patented Sept 10, 186 ( I couldn't read the last number clearly) then underneath that was 1880. Do you know anything about the Buffalo Hardware Co?  
I do think the rest of the table is the same wood as the top. What style would you call this table?
Thank you so much for the information that you have provided.

country colonial revival.

i cannot read the entire printed label from the photos, does it give a town for the Buffalo Hardware co.  We cannot assume it means they were in buffalo, ny.

i can probably research it through google books.  they have many furniture trade publications digitized.  

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