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pink coverlet
pink coverlet  

pink coverlet
pink coverlet  
I found this woven coverlet. I would like to know when this pink color was used and what the pattern is called.
The warp is cotton and the weft is a heavy wool yarn. It would fit a double bed.
What is the best way to clean this item.
Is there value in this quilt?
Thank you for your time.

This is called an "Overshot Coverlet"

Most of these were made starting in the 1830's and going through the 1880 and perhaps longer.

I can't tell from your pictures just how old you's is and I really don't know when the pink was used but my guess is the 1870's. Value is around $150-$200 if MINT.

As for cleaning, it depends on what kind of dirt you're dealing with.

If you have oily dirt or stains, the dry cleaner is your best bet.  Find a good one that is used to cleaning antique items.

If the coverlet is just soiled from age and neglet I'd suggest washing it in cold walter with a gentle detergent or Woolite.  Yoy can use a wash machine but fill the machine up with water and the detergent before adding the coverlet.  Use the "Gentle Cycle" and only agitate long enough for it to get wet and then sust soak it for an hour of more.  Menwhile you can ad\gitate it by hand.
Then run the rinse cycle anf lay out flat to dry.  I usually add white venigar as a softener, NOT a regular fabric softener.

Good Luck  

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