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C trunk
C trunk  
Hi Marvin,
Came across this last week in the back of a barn. Is this what's known as a civil war trunk? The lock has a pat. date of 1864 and Philadelphia stamped on, and the original paper is still in tact on the top. The interior is timber.I'm looking at replacing the handles and the 2 missing straps on the front, a quick tighten of the nails, painting of the metal and a coat of oil.
Did the steel side bands extend onto the case at the front?

Thanks again.


That's a nice find. Some people do refer to trunks of this style as Civil War trunks, however it was most likely made near the end or after the war as the patent date is 1864 and the locks were made and used on trunks until the early 1870'3. Back when the trunk was made it was probably just called a round top trunk or some trunk makers had their own trunk model names.  The brass lock is a very nice and somewhat unusual style and most likely made by Conrad Liebrich, a German lock maker in Philadelphia from the 1840's to 1870's. These trunks were made with leather or paper covering. The metal bands would also have been down the front side originally. Most were made of iron banding but some had brass wrapped around the banding. The interiors were usually paper lined, which is sometimes worn out or removed.  Many trunks of the 1850's to early 1870's had leather tie down straps on the front since the metal latches were not developed and patented until around 1872 and then there were many styles of them made by the 1880's.  I hope you enjoy working on your trunk.   


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