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Hello Mr. Wolbach,
Good day to you. I know your profile said you are an expert in pottery and my question is about stoneware, so you may not be the right person to ask, but I couldn't find a 'stoneware expert' on this site, so I thought I'd try asking you.

I have an antique stoneware jug I'd like to find out more about. It was dug up on a farm in a small town in Eastern Washington back in the 70's. It has a stamp on it and says P:H SMITH. I did find a reference to 2 other pieces of stoneware listed for sale and both mention that P.H. Smith is from Summit County, Ohio. But when I try researching P.H. Smith online, I can't find anything about this person or company. I don't want to sell my piece, but I would like to know more about the maker of this stoneware. Do you have any idea who this person/company was?

Thank you so much,


Thanks so much for the question, but unfortunately, stoneware isn't my forte.  I wouldn't even know where to point you but I can at least suggest this.  Find any reference to a Ohio/Pennsylvania auction house that might sell stoneware jugs similar to the one you have and send them a photo of the jug and the mark.  My experience tells me that most decent auction houses will at least provide you with some information that could answer your question outright, or at least give you some information with which to continue your research.

I'm so sorry I couldn't be more helpful than this but I truly hope my suggestion helps you get on the right track.  Best of luck!


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