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Wicker Buggy
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Wicker Buggy
Wicker Buggy  
I have the attached wicker buggy that I would like to restore and I'm not sure where to start. The original color of the wicker was blue but it's pretty weathered in some areas and has no paint at all. I would like to repaint and need to know how to go about removing the old paint. Also, do you spray paint or use a paint brush and what kind of paint to you use? I would need the know the same for the metal. The original padding on the push handle is gone and seems to be replaced with just tape. Do you know where I can find a replacement. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Hi Wendy,

What you have there is a very lovely Lloyd Loom baby buggy from about the 1925s-1930s with what does look to be the original blue paint finish.

However, since the woven material is made of paper fibre, it's not a good idea to try and strip the paint off. Instead you can carefully use a spray primer and spray paint to touch up the faded areas only. Of course, there will be other parts you'd like to paint too and that's just fine, but pay special attention to the faded areas.

Go to a reputable paint store and get an exact color match and if you can, take the body of the buggy off the metal frame to paint. If there is any flaking paint, which it doesn't look like there is, then be sure to gently scrape it off with a soft bristle brass brush or use sand paper.

Get some metal paint and paint the frame and wheel spokes. You will need to tape off the rubber and the hubcaps, unless the hubcaps can be taken off.

And most likely the original handle was made of wood, hand turned, not padding of some sort. You can contact a woodturner and have one custom made to fit.

Please take a look at the Articles page of my website as well as the Wicker FAQ and the National Furniture Repair Directory there in the Refinishing section to possibly locate a woodturner to make the handle.

Hope this helps! Check out all the links below in my signature file and good luck on your project!  

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