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Bottom mark
Bottom mark  
Hi there,

I was curious if i could get some help in possibly identifying where this piece of pottery came from and who may have produced the piece.At first glance i thought it could have been a piece of McCoy pottery,but the only thing marked on the bottom is a P followed by either the number 815 or 215.I looked in one of my McCoy books and didn't have any luck.Also,have been searching high and low online to try and identify the piece but have not had any luck there either.Attached are two pictures,one of the piece itself and the second being the mark on the bottom.I appreciate any help you could give me,or even if you can point me in the right direction of where i might be able to research it further.Thank you for your time.


Hey James, I really can't add much information other than it is unlike anything from the early American Art Pottery period that I deal with.  If I am using the context clues then I would assume it was something mass-produced at a much later date.  I also can't think of any makers who would have "P" associated with their mark whose work looks like what you have attached.  Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

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