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QUESTION: Hi Mr. Klein,
I have a piece of furniture that I am trying to find out it's worth (if anything. It has 7 drawers only - I guess it would be considered a dresser?
This is the info on the inside of one of the drawers:
 Taylor Made Furniture, Jamestown, NY
 Label says outside is "Solid Genuine Mahogany" No.231
  Mahogany Association Inc.
Can you help me?
 I had sent an e-mail back in July and you said I would have to attach a photo. I now have one and it is attached. Would you let me know if you think this piece is worth anything. Thank you for your time.        Best Regards, Geri

ANSWER: Jamestown Table Company is the company.  they were in business from 1906 until 1980.  the mahogany association was in operation from the early 1900s to the late 60s.

that is quite a span.  the age of the piece you have pictured cannot be determined from the picture posted.  that style of highboy has been made from early to today.

i will need to see a picture of the back and a picture of the outside underneath of a drawer.  please post a larger and better lit picture so i can see it.  thanks.

i am going to guess this is from the 1920-40s but it could be newer.  better pictures will help but you can figure it would sell in a shop or antiques mall at 750.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

HighBoy-Inside of Drawer
HighBoy-Inside of Draw  
QUESTION: Mr. Klein,
 I was attempting to send you several photos, but I am not an expert in doing this.  I have attached the back of the High Boy(Label lower right of piece).  There is a #217 Upper left.
 Underside of drawer - label is completely gone.
 Inside of drawer - attached a picture (I hope)
2 pictures attached
 Thank you          Geri Collins

ANSWER: this piece is called a high boy.  they are desirable and have been made for 300 years.

can you do a good picture from the front that is lit better?

sorry i didnt explain the view of the picture:
picture of the outside underneath of a drawer----------the whole underneath please
if you would, take the picture of the drawer bottom with the drawer upside down and take the picture from the rear so the back and underneath show in the picture.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

High Boy - 11 pictures
High Boy - 11 pictures  
QUESTION: Hi Mr. Klein,
Thank you for your patience. I got some help with all the photos and I now have 1 attachment with 11 pictures.  I think this will do it - at least I hope it will.
 Let me know.  Thank you.          Geri

wood is mahogany, this i can see in the back or the top board edge.

it is a 1920-40 piece which is good that it is not later.

i wont need other pictures now.  sorry to put you through it.

the piece should sell at 800-1000 if the surface is clean and clear and the wood grain showing.  if it is not then 600.  

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