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tall cupboard
tall cupboard  
QUESTION: This is an early 2 part cupboard. Old tongue and groove drawers and glass on one side original bubble glass in doors. Size is 50 x 17 x 97. Can you tell me is it english or american and what value? Condition, finish excellent. There is a drawer in the middle.

ANSWER: please explain or picture or both: tongue and groove drawers and glass on one side.

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top cornice
top cornice  
QUESTION: tongue and groove describes the construction of the drawer assembly only. Ive sent a back view also. The glass doors on front. One side has the old imperfect glass with dimples/bubbles in it. The other side is newer glass. It is not a bubble glass front, if that is what you thought I meant. The top cornice is constructed very similar to an old George III corner cupboard I have, so I took a picture of that. There obviously has been some repairs which confuses me as to how old this cupboard is.

ANSWER: looks like it is in a shop, what is the price marked.

look for tool marks, chisel, saw types, and feel for hand plane cuts.  tell me what you find.

picture the drawer joints connecting the side to the front.

is the door construction mortice and tenon or can you tell?

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drawer joint
drawer joint  
QUESTION: I just bought this at auction. Am trying to get better idea what it is worth before pricing. There are not any tool marks on bottom of drawer like older primitive stuff. The tongue and groove on the back side of drawer is hand carved rather than machine.(see picture) The door construction as best i can tell is mortice and tenon made. You can see the joint line.

I am a wicker furniture dealer. I use antiques to enhance the ambiance and to display other items I sell, but in the process, sell antique pieces.

once again i see that you are unhappy.  if you would be so kind as to help me help you by providing the pictures requested perhaps you would not be so unhappy.

if you truly want help then for me to provide accurate answers i must be provided with answers and pictures requested.

now i see, that is hand cut dovetail in the picture not tongue and groove.  is the front joint the same.

we usually refer to old glass as wavy glass, bubble glass can be misintrepreted by some people.

so the door is not a through tenon joint.

sorry to keep asking for info but in order to give you a valued answer there are things i must know.  so far i cannot tell you if it is english or American but I am leaning towards American.  That is one of the reasons i keep asking for pictures.

right now i gotta head to work but will address this more later this evening.

how about a picture of the back and the outside of the drawer bottom.....  

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