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Old Trunk Tag
Old Trunk Tag  
My wife has this old trunk that has a tag on it from the Duluth Trunk Factory With Joseph Chrudinsky, Propr.

I'm just doing a little research on it. Her great grand mother had it and used it for travel when she was a young lady in Saginaw Michigan.

Please see attached Tag picture.

Thank you,

Rodney Lamb

Duluth Trunk Co label
Duluth Trunk Co label  

I've seen trunks from that company with the same label and a few with other versions of their labels.  There isn't very much information available on the company, but I believe they were in business from the early 1880's to the 1930's, making a wide variety of trunk styles, for personal and business use.  I also believe they may have been connected in some way with a couple Canadian trunk companies which used the exact same picture on their labels.  But regardless of that, in order to tell you more about your wife's trunk I would need to see a few pictures of the trunk because they used this label in many different models of their trunks.  Based on the style of the trunk and it's hardware I could tell you more about the age and other details of the trunk itself.  


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