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Wurlitzer collectable 1940-50\'s
Wurlitzer collectable  
Hello, I'm not sure if you can help me, or perhaps direct me to someone that could, anything would be much appreciated!  

I was going through some of my fathers stuff the other day and found the item in the attached photograph.  It seems to be a sales kit of some type for Wurlitzer, I'm guessing from the late 1940's.  both my father and grandfather sold jukeboxes for many many years, but have both passed, and so they can't tell me anything about this!

The pieces are: the folding " let's have music" display, a glass Wurlitzer logo, and a book containing many pages of information/samples for various jukeboxes ( ad layouts, menus, coasters/swizzle sticks,etc).  This all fits into its original case.  

What exactly is this?   How unique is this?  How much would you estimate it's value?

Thank you for your time!


Hi Again Gayle,
OK, I have found a ton of information about your really neat and rare Wurlitzer salesman sales kit. So, we have been very lucky to have been given all this information here, about these wonderful items. I will just cut and past this information for you right below:


I have seen all of the individual items before and own examples of many of them, but have never seen them collected into a carrying case before.  It is apparently a portable display to show locations or operators the different types of materials that Wurlitzer used to promote their machines right after the war as part of their F.A.M.M. (Factory Approved Music Merchant) program.  I don't see one in her photos, but there are at least two variations of a binder that had most of the stuff in it and there is as price sheet and order forms at the back of these binders (I have one of each color, brown and black).  They did charge the distributors for all of this stuff and that may have trickled down to the operators, but I think the locations were given the materials to promote music play.  Typically each location would get one poster frame, and then the poster was changed on 3 month intervals if they adhered to the schedule.  The first poster is the one she has and it came with the frame.  There were three more posters.  That frame has been cut in half so it folds into the carrying case, which was not the case with those used in the locations.  The glass sign came with a folding box attached to the back and a flasher lamp so that it blinked on and off.  The frame for it appears to be damaged or bent and I can't tell if the glass is also damaged.

The advertising cuts or mattes also came in the form of a very big book that measures 24.5 inches tall by 19 inches wide - I have one of those and am wondering now if it would fit inside that case, but if it did than it would make the advertising in her brown folder redundant.  Some of those that she has are black and white examples of the Albert Dorne paintings used as magazine advertising that was done during 1946 thru 1948 in venues such as LOOK, LIFE and SATURDAY EVENING POST among others.  The binders have color examples of those which I don't see in hers.

I have some of the shirt patches also, and she has examples of the window decals and the advertising mailer and table tents, etc.

At most there would have only been a few of these made up, perhaps one for each distributorship in the USA and Canada.  It is very nice and hopefully will never be broken up and sold piece meal.  I have a list somewhere but I don't think there were more than two dozen distributorship in the late 1940's.

As to value, hard to say but certainly $2000 or more.  I would love to have it, even though I think I have most if not all of the individual pieces in one form or another.  Years ago I would pay whatever it took to get people to let go of pieces I wanted.  I think I paid around $850 for one of my binders and $650 for the other, and have had a couple duplicates which I sold for similar prices.   

I wonder if she has other advertising brochures or paper stuff since both her father and grandfather were either operators or distributors.  Of course all of that stuff interests me greatly.  If any of it does become for sale I would be interested.

Thanks for sharing,

OK Gayle, now you have all the information that you were looking for and could not find, from descriptions to values and history. I hope you enjoy all this information and thank you for writing me here at allexperts!

Rodger Knutson

Hi Gayle,

WOW!!!, this is really nice! I really just work with the machines so I don't know much about this salesman sample kit, and the items in it, but just by looking at what you have I would think that some of this would be valuable and scarce, and being it's all assembled in a salesman kit like this, this has to be some kind of rarity. I do have a friend that is one of the largest antique jukebox parts suppliers in the country and maybe he can shed some light on this for us. Would you mind if I ask him what he knows about this? If so, could you email me some more photo's of what you have? If you can and you are willing, I would then forward the photos to him and see what he knows about all this. If anyone knows, I am sure he will as I have been to his place and you would never believe just how much of this antique jukebox stuff he has, in his warehouses. You can email photos to

Thank You
Rodger Knutson  

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