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Presto Transcription  

Can you please help give me an Idea of where to sell these or get them appraised. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. They are from the 40's i believe. I know your main interest is vintage radio's But i was just hoping you could point me in the right direction.

This sounds like a piece of broadcast quality record playing equipment. I have a similar turntable which I believe I paid $70. for many years ago. You might check with the Cincinnati Antique Radio Society at or call Bob Sands at 513-858-1755.

Our club, the Indiana Historical Radio Society, has a meet with a phonograph society May of each year. This is held in Kokomo, IN. When I know the date of this meet, I can let you know the time and location if you will send me your e-mail address at my e-mail which is In the meantime, I would check with CARS (Cincinnati Area Radio Society). You can reach them at the oltubes@roadrunner.Com address.

I am sure the value of the turntable would be much greater if it would play 33 rpm records. If it only plays 78's, record collectors would not be able to use it.  

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