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Radio player  
QUESTION: I have a Tone Products Corporation of America radio player. Model CU Serial#1307. I've been unable to find any I do in its value I'm hoping you might help

ANSWER: I could not find any reference to Tone Products Corporation of America in any of my electronic servicing books. It looks like an interesting piece. I will continue to do research on this and get back to you when and if I find anything. In the meantime, you could send me the tube line up if it is a tube type unit and I can probably find a circuit diagram for you.  

I will wait to hear back from you on the tube line up.

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QUESTION: Im sorry I meant to type record player not radio I was so frustrated yesterday that I typed it completely wrong. I'm not sure what a tube line up is im assuming it's for a radio not record.again I'm soo sorry still looking for any info on it

Electronic record players can have some kind of amplifier which drives the loud speaker. Earlier units used vacuum tubes for this purpose and newer ones used solid state devices such as transistors and integrated circuits. I have many diagrams for tube circuits and might be able to provide one to you if I had the type numbers of tubes used ie. 50C5, 12AT6, etc.

It looks like a very unique piece you have. I have never seen one like it before but I do not think I can help you much as to its worth. We looked on Google to find it and cound not.

I was not sure whether you meant record player or a combination radio and record player. Thank you for clearing this up.  

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