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MKD Thimble
MKD Thimble  

I have a very old (antique?) sterling silver thimble in its original jewelers box and was hoping you could tell me about it and perhaps give an estimate on its value.  The inside tip is inscribed with MKD and the word STERLING.  The outside has a lovely ornate feathered pattern with a band of diamonds and dots around the bottom, and it is etched with the number 9 (a size perhaps?).  It is in excellent condition, perfectly round with absolutely no scratches or marks.  My husband recently polished it, as it was very tarnished when we found it in an old sewing box in a closet.  The jeweler's box is marked Garibaldi & Bruns   Leading Jewelers    Charlotte, NC.  I would greatly appreciate any information you could share about this item!  Thank you kindly for your time.

Hello Christine.  Your thimble was made by Ketcham & McDougall, NY NY.  They were in business from 1832-1932.  I'm sure the jewelry shop in Charlotte would order thimbles for resale, thus the little thimble box with their business information on it.  Dating the thimble might be a bit easier if you knew when Garibaldi & Bruns were in business.  Inside the top of the thimble or on the band somewhere you may find a would be the size of the thimble.  Sterling, of course, means it is made from sterling silver.  The band has an engraved "plumes" or "feathers" design.  The rim has detailing (diamonds and dots) that you normally don't see, but KMD did that one a few of their other thimble designs as well.  If the thimble has no holes (hold it up to the light and look, as needle holes are hard to see just looking at the thimble) and if the thimble is completely in round where you insert your finger, your thimble may bring approximately $25-$30 with the box worth an additional $10 if it is in great shape.  However, if this thimble belonged to a family member, I'm sure it has much more sentimental value.  Hope this helps.  Barbara  

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I have been collecting for almost 30 years.

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