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Pre 1900s Dresser 2
Pre 1900s Dresser 2  
Pre 1990s Dresser 1
Pre 1990s Dresser 1  
QUESTION: Robert I have been given the opportunity to restore and refinish what I think is a genuine pre 1900s antique.

I would appreciate your feedback on what age this and what style this is as well as market value.

Thank you.


ANSWER: The machine that made the scolloped and peg joints or more accurately the Knapp joint was in use approx 1880-1900. about 20 years, although it was patented around 1873/74 and put into use after.

the joints are good, the pegs you see are actually part of the drawer front.

the hardware has been removed, there are replacements in the eastlake style that are easy to get.

when i have to reglue a dresser or chest that i have taken apart i do it in stages.  making sure it is square, i glue the face frame, sides and back each as a separate unit--square is the key.  then i glue the four pieces together and put the top on.

cant really see the wood close up but it might be cherry or sweet gum.

is there a mirror?

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Pre 1900 Dresser 3
Pre 1900 Dresser 3  
QUESTION: Robert unfortunately there is no mirror.

The new picture shows the underside of the dresser top to help identify the wood.

I agree that square is the key and I have having a challenge with it because it sat partially disassembled for years.


ANSWER: i see elm, ash and cherry.

understand about the deformed wood when trying to reglue.  sometimes we have to let the furniture tell us how it wants to go back together but as square as possible is important.

are any of the drawer fronts warped or twisted?

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QUESTION: Robert fortunately none of the drawer fronts is warped or twisted. I have not had that experience and would not be sure how to rectify it.

The base plate (not sure what to call it) on the bottom of the front of the dresser was quite warped and I had to do significant bracing. Luckily this was in behind and cannot be seen and there was no splitting or other damage caused by what I did.

Any feedback on market value would be appreciated.

Thank you.


when drawer fronts are twisted, even some doors in buffets i have only found two options i like.  one os placing a modified strongback on the rear and setting the drawer or door back into the opening and adjusting the runners or hinges so that the twist is 'centered in the opening.  making it all go back to original fit is rarely not doable.

The is probably what you did by your bracing on the bottom piece to which you referred in the post.  

fair market value about 350-400 around here in a shop

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