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I recently purchased what I believe to be a 1939 Bally's Royal Flush machine console. There is not much information at all about this machine on the internet. Can you tell me anything about the history of it, and if it is something rare? I collect gambling machines and memorabilia, andf have never came across this before. Thank you for your time!


Between 1930 and 1941 Mills and Bally came out with a variety console slots and competed with each us.  They were all very similar to each other.  As a result they are not very rare.  

Because of their size, very few people collect them and therefore pricing is not very high.

I'm not up on pricing, but if you have a fully operational one in excellent condition, I believe a dealer would pay $600-800 for it.  At auction it may sell for $700-1200 minus a 20% commission


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