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""I just acquired this slot machine and am wondering what is its history ( date of manufacture, who made it, what casino was it in, it's value) and anything else you can tell me about it? I'll send a second picture of some numbers on a tyco plastic strip you can see through the front glass! Thanks again and you experts provide a phenomenal service and is greatly appreciated! Oh and it sits on the original casino cabinet that originally had two machines sitting on it!""

The machine was made by Bally. Probably in the early to mid 80s. Look for a serial number plate on the right hand side. If it is still there it will give you the exact model number and the date of manufacture.

Regarding what casino it was in, that is impossible to say.

Sometimes there is a repair log in the machine and that might have the casino name on it.

Regarding value. Not a lot. Maybe a few hundred dollars.

Go to and look at Bally machines for price comparisons.  

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