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I saw that you had answered a question regarding making pram tires out of a fuel line and adding a splice joint. I've looked everywhere trying to find solid rubber tires for a pram I have been restoring for my son with no luck. Is the fuel line strong enough to support the weight if the stroller is used and not a display piece? Would spray foam or another product have to be installed in the fuel line to add stability? I am pretty handy and would like to try to tackle this project and am looking for some guidance at the best course of action to take.

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When I use the fuel line [or any hose] on the rims, I cut a piece of round reed that will fit inside the hose. Once you get the hose cut to length leaving just a tiny gap, put the round reed inside and cut to length also a little short. Remove the reed and apply glue to 3/4 quarters of it and put it back inside the hose leaving the unglued part sticking out. When that is dry, apply some glue to the rim area where the hose will touch and on the 1/4 sticking out. Put it on the rim and insert the 1/4 in and squeeze it together. Clamp with a band clamp or whatever you have till dry. It's better if your hose has any writing on it to remove it before starting anything.
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