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KayanEE Sewmaster
KayanEE Sewmaster  
I just came across my old toy sewing machine when cleaning out my parent's attic. I'm 60, so it must have been purchased in the late 50's or early 60's. I cleaned and oiled it and it is running smoothly. Can you tell me if there are needles I can substitute or adapt to fit the machine. It doesn't have a needle that I can measure myself. Also, if you have threading instructions that you can pass along, I would be grateful. Otherwise, I will try to figure it out myself. It was such a wonderful attic find that I'd love to pass on to my grand daughter. Thanks so much for your help!

Hello Leslie,

I do have threading instructions for the KAYandEE.
Please send an e-mail to me at:
Put in the subject line:  Leslie KAYandEE threading instructions.


Note to all others:  I do not respond to queries like this unless they go through the AllExperts forum.  If you write to me at the e-mail above, it will go unanswered. Queries of this nature must go through the AllExpert forum please.  

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