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Maddox desk
Maddox desk  

Maddox desk
Maddox desk  
My Father purchased this desk approximately 1950-1955.  It was used a decorative furniture and in perfect condition.  19 years ago upon my parent's death it was stored unused at a relative's home until May 2014.  My daughter packed it according to commercial standards and it was to be shipped to her in Tulsa, Ok from Ohio..  We have been told that the desk is lost.  I need a value to make a claim.  It had a leather top with I believe etching.  Prior to packing, my daughter took the two pictures which I have tried to enhance to show it clearer.  The original seat was under the covered seat.  There is of course a lot of personal value since my Father died on the day my daughter was born but that unfortunately will not matter to the shipping company.  They will not accept any claim unless it is by a person that has a background in this area of furniture.  Can you place a value for this desk?

Gail - I am not a certified personal property appraiser so I can only give you my opinion of the value. The best measure of value is the current fair market value. Fair market value is usually assumed to be the wholesale or auction value. This is the value used by the IRS and most insurance companies. The other option is retail or replacement value which I am sure the moving company will not consider.

Here are two kidney shaped desks with leather tops, one with chair and one without, that have sold at recent auctions.

The first is mahogany without a chair that sold for $200 in 2012.

The second, with chair, sold in march 2014 for $150.

I know this doesn't come anywhere near the value of the desk to the family but but that is what it is worth in the market.

Good luck with your claim.

Fred Taylor

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