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Dear Mr Williams

    I have a 1938 RCA console radio. I need the rubber band that goes from the tuning knob to the tuning wheel. Do you have any sources? Thank you.


William Wells

There are two major suppliers that I know of to the antique radio hobby. They are Radio Daze ( and Antique Electronic Supply ( However, their supply of belts is severely limited.

I have used new old stock belts and found they do not last very long. My best success has been with O rings which are available from several sources. Caterpillar has hundreds of O ring sizes. They are listed in their one safe source book. I have a copy of this book. The best thing to do is go in to the dealership and ask to use one of their books and look up various thicknesses and diameters until you find one which would fit your application. If you have the old belt, even though broken, you could determine the required length. Unfortunately, the book gives everything in mm and gives the inside diameter rather than the circumference so a little math might be required to determine the correct O ring. If you would send me these dimensions I can check in my book as to what the correct size would be.

Sometimes the O rings are a little more springy than the fabric reinforced originals, however, they last a long time since they are not exposed to air, fuel or antifreeze in the radio application.

If you send me the dimensions via email ( I may be able to help you select the correct CAT part number.  

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