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Table Head View
Table Head View  
QUESTION: I have a dining table that has a label underneath, "Penn Table Company, Huntington, W. Virginia, No. X219, Walnut, 40X54-6" with scrolled legs on the table and all 6 chairs.  It has the leaf built into the table and automatically comes up when the ends are pulled and extended.  My father said that this table is over 100 years old.  It was passed down to me 5 years ago when my Mother passed on.  During my last move, the table came off of the blanket and the top was scratched. I was wondering two things:

1) Is there anyway to check this number to get the exact date of construction?
2) Will I ruin the value if I use colored wood wax to fill in the scratch?  Is there a better way to fix it?

Thank you for your time and expertise.  I want to continue to pass this heirloom down through my family.

ANSWER: The table is from the 1920s and is in the Jacobean style.  This was popular at the time and is also called colonial revival--this is a fairly newish term.

The top is walnut veneer, the remainder is most likely sweet gum wood stained from the factory with a water base dye to a walnut color.  Lacquer was the coating.  

The full name of the company was 'empire furniture co. penn table co.' , manufacturers of complete dining room and apartment suites.  they exhibited in chicago, new york, and grand rapids .

There is no way to use the numbers, they are style and color numbers.

Dont do anything to the damaged area until i see a clear infocus picture, please.
use the followup function to post the picture

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Scratch overview
Scratch overview  
QUESTION: As requested, here are pictures of the scratch.  The scratch is not deep.  I took one picture from a side angle to keep out the glare from the flash, which you can see in the second picture.  I hope these pictures are good enough for you to be able to tell me how to repair the scratch without taking from the value or the beauty of the table.  Thank you so very much for your assistance.

ANSWER: unfortunately this is the most difficult damage to try and repair.  Not for an inexperienced person to try.

the finish and wood have faded.  you know this because the edges shows a darker color where the top layers have been rubbed through.  the long scratch is cross or at right angles to the grain of the wood.  You are going to have to hire someone but for the tie being you can use Briwax or johnsons floor paste wax to wax over the area as this will keep it from discoloring further and will help it blend somewhat.  

where are you located.  perhaps i know someone that can help you.

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QUESTION: Thank you so very much for the time you have spent researching and for your quick and detailed responses.  I am in Mims, Florida, which is on the Brevard county and Volusia county border.  The closest bigger towns are New Smyrna, Edgewater and Titusville.  I have used Johnsons floor paste wax on hard wood floors (stripping and re-waxing) when I was young.  I have been cleaning the chairs and table legs with Murphy's wood oil soap and polishing all of it with Old English to keep the wood preserved.  Should I use the Johnsons on the entire table top or just on the scratch?

this person, whom I know made a recommendation.  I suggest you call Glen Camp and ask about the other company.
Glenn Camp
Complete Refinishing and Restoration. Extensive experience with moving and insurance claims. Wide range of third party services for any restoration or claims need. In business since 1986. Lifelong resident of the area.
14480 NE Jacksonville Rd

The company he recommended is below. I know nothing about their competency on a personal level.  view it as s starting point.


use the wax on the entire top.

do keep in mind that old english and products such as these are formulated with mineral oil and/or silicone oils.  These are non drying oils that are significant dust catchers.  They do not have any preservation properties.  Wood will seek equilibrium with the humidity in which it lives.  Nothing we do can change this.  Wax it the best product to care for your treasures.

I recommend you clean the table with mineral spirits to remove the old english then wax the top.  you may have to live with the damage.  all too often trying to eliminate a slight flaw makes it worse.  

Will see who i may know in the area.

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