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Midget Hi-Ball Coin Op Game
Midget Hi-Ball Coin Op  

Midget Hi-Ball Coin Op Game 2
Midget Hi-Ball Coin Op  
I recently acquired this old game and cleaned it up and it works very well.  I think the only thing it is missing is a removable plate that covered the money return - that is open now so you can just reach in and get the pennies.  The coin op mechanism works well, and takes pennies.  It's a pretty addictive little game.

I have been able to find a couple of these online, but could not see any for sale or sold on ebay.  My understanding is that these were made by PEO Mfg and there were 2 versions - 1 like this for top of a bar or table, and one that is longer with 4 legs that was free standing.

Any estimates on the value for this?


You have one of the early 1930s pinball machines.  Pinball machines, as we know it today, were first introduced in 1930.  They were very very popular and many variations were introduced by many different manufacturers.  By the mid 1930s, extra features were added to make them more fun to play and then in the late 1940s, flippers were added which made them more fun to play.

Even though your pinball is one of the first ones and in good condition, there are very very few people who collect them.  Most people like the later models with special features.  As a result prices have remained very low.  

A dealer probably wouldn't pay more than $50 - $100 for it.  A collector may pay $100-150

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