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open desk
open desk  

label on top of trunk
label on top of trunk  
I purchased this trunk/desk recently.  I am wondering what it is worth and if trying to have it repaired would distroy the value of the trunk.  the fabric on the lid of the trunk is rotten and falling apart and I can't get the trunk to close properly.  The trunk is missing the removable top tray but has both ink wells.


The trunk you have is a military field desk trunk, which was made under government contract for the Army. The James Topham trunk company of Washington DC made the trunk and it was to be delivered to the Army quartermaster depot at Philadelphia. That is why those two cities are listed on the label. Several trunk companies made the same trunks under this contract. It was probably made sometime between around WWI to as late as about 1930. These trunks were covered with vulcanized fiber, put on with many rivets. They had leather handles on the sides and a lift out tray on the top. The approximate current retail value in this condition would be about $200 to $400 in most areas. I purchased one last Fall for $150, but they are not too easy to find. Having a trunk repaired properly does not hurt the value, if it is done well. Cleaning and repairing the trunk should increase the value. That would include cleaning the covering material, repairing the hinges if needed, replacing leather handles if needed, and replacing or repairing the writing surface fabric.   


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