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Hello, I tried Googling this desk/year/maker and couldn't find much online. I am wondering if you recognize this model and can tell me anything about its history or potential market value. I paid $40 for it at a second hand store. It had been in someone's shop and had drill holes and paint and oil stains. We sanded it down to clean wood, filled holes, and are now refinishing for our dining room table. The store manager said it is solid oak but we've discovered it is covered with a veneer, although solid wood beneath. We find the wear and tear charming and think it will be a great piece once refurbished. Thanks, Patrick

this was used as a library table or courtroom table.  Called institutional furniture.

i need a picture of the top or legs that i can see to tell the wood.

as it says lycoming furniture industries here is some info on the industry:
please note that this is not a stamp of a particular plant but a stamp that was used by the industry in Lycoming which was quite intense.

great piece and looks great.

<Next to the lumber business the manufacture of furniture is one of the largest industries. As early as 1859 John A. Otto commenced the manufacture of lumber here, to which he afterwards added a planing mill and sash, door, blind, frame, and moulding factory. In 1872 the firm of John A. Otto & Sons was organized, and in 1881 the buildings were struck by lightning and destroyed. The next year the head of the firm retired, leaving the management to the four sons: Dr. Luther M., H. Howard, John M., and Frank R. Otto. This same year the firm of John A. Otto's Sons was organized and they established the furniture industry, which they have since conducted with success. Their manufacturing plant embraces a large factory and planing mill, two and four stories high, filled with a full equipment of machinery and labor saving devices, with machine and Smith shop, lumber sheds, and other buildings attached. The firm are extensive manufacturers of antique oak, mahogany, and cherry chamber suites, sideboards, wardrobes, etc. Their goods, which are sold at wholesale, find a market in the United States, Canada, Europe, and South America.

The Williamsport Furniture Company was originally a partnership concern and reorganized, March 1, 1882, into a limited liability company. On the 1st of January, 1890, the large interests were incorporated with a paid up capital of $180,000, with The following directors: William Gibson, James J. Gibson, William P. Harding, F. West Page, of New York, and R. W. P. Goff, of Philadelphia. The treasurer, F. W. Page, is a recognized authority in the manufacture of furniture. He was the proprietor of a furniture store from 1865 to 1868, and in the latter year became the manager of the original company. In 1882 he was elected treasurer. The company's factories are situated at the foot of Centre street, and with the lumber yard cover an area of nearly six acres. Over 4,500,000 feet of lumber are used annually and 350 hands are employed. The finest grades of furniture are manufactured and the market is the United States.

The firm of A. H. Heilman & Company takes rank among the oldest and most extensive furniture manufacturers in the city. As early as 1870 they embarked in the business, which has grown to large proportions. A glance at their great store and warerooms on West Third street will convince any one of the magnitude of their business. They always carry a stock exceeding $60, 000 in value, and their annual sales amount to j300,00'0. A.H. Heilman, the head of the firm, is a native of Muncy, while John K. Heilman is from the same place. The firm carries on a large manufactory in the borough of Montoursville, where they give employment to fully ninety hands. The total number of their employees, including finishers and others at their warerooms in the city, will reach about 120.

The National Furniture Company, Limited, was founded in 1882 with a capital of $24,500. The industry has steadily grown and prospered. The officers are as follows: President, John G. Reading; general manager and treasurer, Louis Welker; secretary, Fred Heim; directors: J. A. Stearns, David J. Bluemle, Herman E. Lentz, John G. Reading, and Louis Welker. The company manufactures all grades of standard furniture and ships to all parts of the United States, and as far away as Australia. >

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