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SligH Dresser  
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SligH Headboard  
QUESTION: Hi, I aquired a beautiful Sligh headboard & dresser. The lable is inside the top dresser drawer & is round and metal. I'm just trying to date it & try to put a value on it. At first I thought it was very old except that it is a queen headboard. Also, I'm missing one of the pull tassels on one of the drawers. Any idea where I might get one? I have attached two photos... Thank you ever so much! Sandra

ANSWER: please use the followup function and post a picture of the label.


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QUESTION: Hi Robert and thanks so much for getting back to me. I have attached a photo of the label.


ANSWER: queen size mattresses were made beginning in 1958 by the Simmons company. One source says the company operated from 1880-1932 when they closed.

BUT; from my files and online at,

"A collection of Sligh family papers is a part of the Michigan Historical Collections of the University of Michigan. Bulletin #29 of the Michigan Historical Collections, entitled A Furniture Family: The Slighs of Michigan, was written by Francis Blouin and Thomas E. Powers and published in 1980. Another illustrated history by Blouin, entitled 100 Years: A Great Beginning. Sligh Furniture Co. 1880 – 1980, was published by the Sligh Furniture Co. in 1979."

Further, the labeling on your set is not listed anywhere I have access to.  This is something I have been trying to figure out for several years, the whens and wheres and whys of the company.  

The style of your set was how things were done in teh 1920s but there were no queen size beds made then.  so I am wondering if your bed might have been altered to make it queen size or is it a 1970s manufactured piece.

could you take a photo of the whole headboard and of the rails and where the fasteners are on the rail and headboard??

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QUESTION: Hi Robert, I live alone & it was hard for me to pull the bed away  but I was able to get the whole headboard in the photo. I don't have the rails...the mattress set is on a queen frame that is pushed up against the headboard...BUT guess what?! I now believe it is a full size Not queen...the distance between the slots where the rails would slide in is only 55 & 1/2"...the frame my mattress set is on is 60" & is wider than the headboard.

then it is a 1920s bed!  i admit to being puzzled when you said queen size.

you will have to do a lot of checking online for a replacement drop pull for the drawer or have one made.  check whitechapel ltd, van dykes, wsi distributors, paxton, horton, vintage hardware.

after repair to the bed, where the bottom piece of wood is pulling away from the upright on the left side the bed would sell in a shop at 450.  

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