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Hello Dennis, i was hoping you can answer few questions i had about this rocking gliding chair. thanks.
I found it in storage and i wanted to know the age of it and what it might be worth, it looks like its in great condition with fully functional glider, the cushion and the spring seems to be in great condition as well, also if you can tell what type of wood is it, thanks again...

Hey Jerry, thanks for the question.  My area of expertise is american art pottery, but you are in luck this time as I started in the world of antiques 25 years ago with furniture refinishing.

What you have is an oak glider, made in a pennsylvania style with the shaker back and the curved down arm rests.  There were many, many variations of this type of chair made, but judging by the rocking platform, it is most likely from the teens or 1920's.  Because of how good the wood looks, it most likely was refinished not too long ago, and if you gently tip it on its side, the seat may have originally been caned but I can't tell, just a guess.  Also, if you look closely on the cast iron attachments on the glider, occasionally the maker put their name and/or a patent date on one of the iron pieces.

In any event, its a nice comfortable chair because I've refinished quite a few over the years.  They generally sell for about $125-$150 but I don't know what the market is like where you are so take a peek in a few antique shops and see if you can find a comparable piece.  You should be able to then narrow down its true market value.

I hope this was helpful Jerry.  Feel free to ask me anything else should you have any additional questions.


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