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lalique decanter
lalique decanter  

Lalique signature
Lalique signature  
I have a decanter signed Lalique France but I don't know if its a real one or not.
I search the internet but I did not see the shape from the pictures I saw.
Can you please tell me if you know the style and model.
Thank you

Hello. I looked through all of our modern crystal Lalique reference material, and cannot find that decanter. It's possible it's not Lalique, but the modern stuff is not my expertise, so I cannot say that for sure, I'm just raising the possiblity.

I have two suggestions. First, stop by a Lalique company store if one is in the same city as you and ask them directly.

The other is this website: It's a glass forum where collectors from many different glass areas hang out and they have a specific area for identification requests. If you leave a question with your photos,  there is a reasonable chance someone will know the piece. Very sorry I would not be of more help.

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