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On the outside around the bottom of the thimble is imprinted "Sterling" in a half circle around the top of the number 7. (It is a very small size 7 - I have small hands and it barely goes on my little finger. Could it be a child's thimble?) To the right and slightly higher is imprinted a star. Around the bottom is a row of half scrolls.
Can you please provide whatever information you might have about the maker and and the value? Thank you very much.

Hello Ann.

First let me apologize for the delay - I was traveling and had no access to my reference books and for a few days I was totally computerless.  

Child thimbles were produced by many thimble makers, but to be considered a child's thimble, it would be size 5 or less.  The stamped 7 on the band of your thimble does indicate the size.  The stamped star is the maker's mark.....your thimble was made by Waite, Thresher Co of Providence Rhode Island.  They were in business 1886-1927.  They used two different a plain star like you have and one that has a star with a thimble figure in it.  Your mark indicated the thimble was produced between 1886 and 1906.  Your thimble has a rolled rim and is referred to as a double band as the wide plain band is one and the decorated band is two.

Many things affect a thimble's value.  Does your thimble have any pin holes (hold it up to the light and look into it)?  Is your thimble out of round (completely round where you insert your finger)?  Are there any dents, dings, cracks, scratches?  Any problems like these would decrease the value of your thimble.  The band pattern can also affect value if it is a unique or sought after design.  The pattern on your thimble is common and many were produced.  

If you thimble is in round, no holes, dents, dings, etc.  it has a value of about $20.  

Hope this helps.  Barbara  

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