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Three Cissel thimbles...
Three Cissel thimbles.  
1) The sterling thimble on the left (that I now can tell from your response to my previous question on another thimble; thank you so much!) is made by Waite, Thresher and has the letter "C" engraved on it that is for my grandmother's last name. Would  you know its value?

2) The middle thimble has sterling imprinted on the inside on the underside of the top with a shield symbol that the drawing beneath it resembles. Do you have any information and value for this one?

3) The thimble on the right is not sterling, but on the outside bottom rim in one section is engraved what looks like J S & S and in the section next to it there are three symbols -- an anchor, a leaf? (which is very difficult to see) and an X. Can you tell anything about this one?

I will appreciate anything you can find on these and your kindness in helping me and others find answers to things we have wondered about for many years. Thank you again. Ann

Hello Ann.

Thimble on left:  Need a better picture of the pattern on the band.  Also, please let me know if there are any holes, dents, dings, and if the thimble is "in round," which all affect value.  

Center Thimble:  A "utilitarian" design; many were produced.  It is made by Simons Bros. Co. of Philadelphia.  Their mark is an Old English S in a shield.  Simons still makes thimbles.  They have been in business since 1839 but you can't pinpoint when this thimble was made as it was made for many years and in very large quantities.  If there are no holes, dents, dings and the thimble is "in round", the value is probably $15.

Thimble on the right:  This is an English thimble made by James Swan and Sons, 1922 until today.  Thimbles made in the UK are marked much differently than those in the US.  The marks are Sponsor's Mark (JS&S), Assay Mark (probably the anchor which indicates which office the article was tested and marked), Standard Mark (lion which indicates metal content) and date (a letter than indicates year).  Since letter and standard marks have minute differences year to year, you will need to research them further (I specialize in US thimbles).  There are a number of web sites and books that can help you.  I am no expert in UK thimble prices, but I don't think this is a very valuable thimble.  JS&S is pretty prolific.  You can search JS&S thimbles on eBay to give you a better idea of the value.  

Hope this helps.  

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I have been collecting for almost 30 years.

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