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QUESTION: my old yorx radio cassette model M2485 has a digital clock that keeps blinking. I have not using the radio in a few years.  I changed the backup battery but the clock keeps flashing and i cant adjust the time. Tried plugging and unplugging, removing the battery and replacing it and nothing helps. The time however seems to advance but keeps blinking and shows the wrong time. Can you help me solve this problem?

ANSWER: When you press the time set button the flashing should stop. If it does not, check out the wiring and/or printed circuit tracks in the time set and fast and slow circuits. Also, be certain the buttons are working properly. Sometimes they get corroded contacts and will not make necessary connection. There is a possibility something electronic could be wrong but most likely it is the buttons themselves that are causing you not to be able to set the clock.

Sorry for the delay in replying but was out of town for the weekend.

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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello Mr Williams,

Thanks for your answer. Now I have a follow up question:  How can I clean the buttons? Though they feel nice and "springy" they may be corroded inside and dont make contact. How then do I clean them? can it be done from the outside?

By they way, somehow after I kept changing some of the settings on the radio, the Blinking had stopped! but I still can not change the Time! (per the instructions in the original Manual which I still have).

I very much appreciate your help and look forward to resolving my problem.


There used to be chemicals for cleaning contacts readily available. Since we have gone to a "throw away" society these are not as available as they used to be. I have had rather good success using carburetor cleaner or brake cleaner. Use these cleaners in a well ventilated area with all power removed. If you can get to them, contacts are best cleaned with sandpaper or a file.

You might want to use an ohmmeter to check the contacts to see if continuity is established when you press the buttons. Do this by connecting the probes to the two terminals of the button and see if the reading changes as you push the button. Harbor Freight has multimeters for less than $10 which contain the ohmmeter function. See if there are coupons available for a discount.

There have been instances where I could not get the original switches to work and had to go to Radio Shack and purchase replacements. Note - there are still some Radio Shacks in business.
Be certain to get normally open switches as these close when the button is pushed. Unfortunately it may not match up. Sometimes  I have disassembled the switches to clean the contacts mechanically. Again, be certain to use an ohmmeter to determine whether contact is established when the button is pushed.

The springy feeling is normal as it limits the amount of force applied to the contacts to prevent damage to the insulation which mounts the contacts.  

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