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I too help through this website.  My area is American antique furniture restorations and identification.

Very often I get calls from owners of old radios who are looking for someone to answer questions.  Hopfully you will not mind if I refer them to you through this website.

Also, several have said they would even ship one to have it repaired.  May I have them to contact you through this site or do you just work on your own items?


bob klein
roberts antiques restorations
pensacola, fl

My two areas of expertise are antique radios and clocks. I have received some furniture questions and could not help the questioner and may I refer them to you when I receive them?

I get very few radio questions and would certainly encourage you to refer any you receive to me.

Shipping radios can be a bit difficult. I shipped one one time and it arrived with the speaker frame bent due to the package being handled roughly. However you can refer them to me and I will see if I can help them with any repairs they might be able to do themselves.

I have a very large inventory of new in the box vacuum tubes which I will sell at a reasonable price. It is surprising how few tubes you use in repairing antique radios as most failures are caused by the old wax paper capacitors absorbing water.

I live in Largo, Florida, for the winter months and see you are just North of us. In the summer, we are located in Peoria, Illinois.

Just how do you refer someone to someone else on this site? I have never done it but will refer any furniture questions to you if I know how.  


Tom Williams
Antique Radio and Clock Repair.  

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Tom Williams


I can answer questions about age, repair procedures on antique radios.


I have been a radio and tv service man. I am an electrical engineer.

Historical radio society.

BEE. Graduated Cleveland State University.

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