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QUESTION: I have a Knechtel Furniture table and chair set (February 23, 1982 and 2884 Walnut are stamped on the undersides of the table and extra leaves).  What I would like to know, since I have some minor colour touch-ups and some heat "marks" to remove) is  if I want to use MINWAX Wood Finish Stain Markers or Blend-Fil Pencils to do the colour work, which shade(s) should I use?       Thanks for any help you can offer.

Nice to hear from you.
Use Walnut Colored. I'm pretty sure they both come in this color.
But look at the color charts to get a good match, both products should have a color chart.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

I live in Espanola where we have a Home Hardware (MinWax) and a Canadian Tire (Rez).  I took a leaf from the table to compare to their sample boards (I do not really trust the paper "stain" sheet.  The closest match was Dark Walnut (but the Walnut 2884 seems to have more red in it).
The touch ups I have are relatively minor.
Therefore, my follow up questions are:  would you suggest anything other than MinWax Stain Markers or Blend-Fil pencils?, and
I assume that February 23, 1982 was the date the table was assembled/completed and that Walnut was the stain and 2884 was the shade. Am I correct?  If so, would it be possible to find the "2884" shade?
Thanks again.
Doug Powers

Hi again Doug
Yes, The date of manufacture will be as indicated on the table and the 2884 could be a color code number or a style number of the piece.
If it is stain color you cannot get that number.
But don't fret the color match too much.
You are correct though that your table has more red in the walnut than the Minwax Dark Walnut color you looked at.
Get "Minwax Special Walnut color"
I should have been clearer the first time Doug.
Good Luck.

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