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bottom corner of chair
bottom corner of chair  

bottom view of chair
bottom view of chair  
Hi Cathryn,

Sorry if you received this post twice--I went to attache pics and my original post disappeared.  I have a chair from Sri Lanka with a hand woven seat. It is unusual because there are NO corner holes to run the four main diagonals. The existing (previously woven) cane acts as a sling to anchor the diagonals. Additionally, the holes begin on the top side of the rail but exit on the interior side of the rail.  Any hints as to how to recane this chair?

Hi Gloria,

What an interesting chair, I've never seen a hole-to-hole chair seat woven like that before in the corners. But you are in luck, just follow the previous weaver's design and everything will be fine.

Put in the first four rows as you would normally and make sure when you go from one of the sides (back in the corners) to the others, you weave diagonally under the seat to the other side, just as they did.

Don't tie knots either, follow my directions for a No-Knot seat, so you don't have to cut the strands and can take the strands underneath from hole to hole.

Then when you do the four corners with the diagonal rows, you too can pick up the cane as they've done to make that sling effect!

Wish you'd also sent me a picture of the top side of the seat. It's possible that something else can be done instead, but this seems like a good solution, surely is one that I've never thought of before! Thanks for sending the pictures.

Good luck on the project and keep in touch through my website. And please consider joining my Seatweaving and Chair Caning Forum sometime, too.

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