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dining table
dining table  

dining table
dining table  
I have a mahoganey ball-and-claw foot dining table, which was given to me by my grandparents. I'd like to know where I can get replacement nuts and bolts used to attach the legs. Some of the smaller ones are missing causing wobbling. I can't seem to find suitable parts in the average hardware store.
Also, would you know if there is anyplace that I can get leaves for the table. It is equipped with a Perfection Table Slide mechanism (Waterstown, Wisconsin) and opens to comfortably seat 10.
I appreciate any information you can give. I have attached a photo

Hi Andrya
Nice to hear from you.
Looking at the picture of the leg, I see the corner pieces on each side of the legs are almost falling off.
Do you mean replacement screws to hold these pieces back tight?
I cannot imagine why a hardware would not carry these.
You will not get slot head screws but for this application, its more important to get the table secured than worry about vintage screws (if thats what you think you need).
And you will likely have to get screws a bit bigger than original or plug the old holes some for a good tight fit.
Andrya you specifically ask
"I'd like to know where I can get replacement nuts and bolts used to attach the legs" so I assume you mean the large bolt and nut we see that attaches to the table skirt.
It looks like this could be an old fix of some kind...correct?
If you where my neighbour you could walk over and I could give you some LOL.
These are common bolts used to secure table legs.
So if I could get you some, any place that fixes and refinishes old furniture could do the same. Even a new furniture store would have access to getting then easily.
Give either or both places a try.
For the table leaves, this is not something you can just buy unfortunately.
They have to be made in a furniture restorers if you want them to match perfectly.
If they are just to be used occassionally on holidays and covered with a cloth, a wood shop will be fine.
A friend had a lovely old oak table with no leaves to put in for christmas dinners. I had no old oak so I made her 2 leaves out of pine boards.
They work perfectly and are stored in the closet when not in use.
Hope I have given you some ideas Andrya.
Best of luck

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