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E.R. Cedar Chest
E.R. Cedar Chest  
I just acquired a cedar chest that is marks E.R. CO Forest Park, Illinois. Its all cedar with the original finish. It has copper corner riveted brackets on the side and copper keyhole pate on the front. It also has small coasters on the legs that the wheels look like they"re made out of wood. I was wondering if you could  approximately place the year it could have been made and if you think I should have it refinished, Thank You

Hi Charlie
Nice to hear from you.
My this is a lovely Ed Roos cedar chest.
Here is an article I found for you with a bit of info about the company.

"E R cedar chests, commonly known Ed Roos cedar chests, are a vintage line of cedar chests manufactured by the Ed Roos Company of Forest Park, which operated from 1918 to 1951. The Ed Roos cedar chests were originally bridal hope chests and were marketed around the world.
The Roos family had a previous company, the Roos Manufacturing Co., which was founded by Edward Roos. After his death, his two sons, Otto and Edward, took over the family business and renamed the company to the Roos Cedar Chest Company, which was based in Chicago and manufactured cedar chests.
In 1916 during World War I, the factory was shut down because these chests were considered to be a luxury. However, in 1918, Edward Roos moved to Forest Park, Ill., where he opened the Ed Roos Company of Forest Park. During its operational period, this company was the biggest manufacturing plant in Forest Park and provided employment to approximately 400 people. In 1943, Edward Roos died at age of 62. Shortly after his death, the production of the company was once again restricted by the government because of the second world war. The company never got back on its feet after this, and it was sold in 1951."

Also some here darChests.htm
and then look for "Roos Cedar Chests" at the bottom of the page. You will find six pages of detailed information compiled by the Historical Society of Forest Park.

Before you consider refinishing this chest, clean it down with some mineral spirit and a rag.
Then a nice waxing. From the picture, it looks like this is all it should need.
Its from the 20's or 30's and really a beauty. I love these old chests.

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