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When my parents purchased their first home in 1946, this radio was left behind by the previous owners.  We have kept it over the years and the only modification we made was to add an antenna for better reception (hidden in the back of the radio).  Everything still works, we have been very careful with all the tubes.  I have done research but have never found a radio that looks like this one, although I have seen some similar styles.  Any information you can provide is appreciated.

This certainly is an unusual looking cabinet. I am quite familiar with that large dial that Zenith used in the mid 1930;s and have repaiared quite a few of those. The background for the dial does not seem to match the rest of the cabinet, however. It was quite common for radios to use multiple colors of varnish when finishing a cabinet. However, this one is a bit unusual.

If you could furnish me the model number of the chassis I could look in my Ryders manuals and could even send you a schematic diagram of the set. Tubes and parts are regularly available from Radio Daze, LLC and Antique Electronis Supply. Currently, I am in Florida and do not have access to all of my service literature but should be going "home" in a few weeks.

It looks like you have a nice piece and hope you can keep it running for many years.

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