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I'm selling this couch on craigslist, and I'd like to offer a good description.  Can you help me identify the style/period?  There are no manufacturer's marks that I can see.
There are some very nice pineapple details on the back piece, and the arm cloths match nicely.
Also, what is the difference between a couch and a sofa and a chaise?

Call it a Duncan Phyfe style sofa manufactured 1920-1940.  Should be in mahogany but i cannot tell for certain due to the distance of the photo.

The cushions are not placed correctly.  all the stripes should match from top, back, seat to floor.

chaise translates to 'long chair'
sofa and couch is used interchangeably.  there are numerous definitions of both that intermingle.  way too much to go into here but it is interesting to look up if you have time.  definitions change over time and these two terms are no exception.

I would call it a sofa.

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