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Bryans Works 1
Bryans Works 1  

Bryans Works 2
Bryans Works 2  
This piece was purchased years ago. It was made by Bryan's Works, Kegworth Derby, Engalnd  We believe it is a tencup allwain flipbacll game. Have researched and not sure what we have and what it might be worth.  Thanks So Much!

Foreign games are not a favorite of collectors, however they have gained some followers in recent years. I do not have much information on your game specifically but do know that
these type games were prevalent from the 1920's into the war years. Bryan's Works produced
many of these games and was a leading manufacturer. These games were also very popular
in France. I believe that if a game was popular, the competition copied it, regardless
if it was English or French. I have not seen many sales of these machines but they usually
seem to sell in the $300 to $750 range, depending on condition and demand. I hope I have
been of some help to you. I'm sorry I don't have more information available.
Regards, Gumgod

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