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QUESTION: I have a mahogany table and chair set. The leafs pull out from underneath and lift up and "lock" into position. There are no marking of any kind underneath the table save for the locking mechanisms that say "patent applied for" in abbreviation. It is a very "neat" system. It is solid mahogany along the edge pieces and the center of the table is a veneer set off by a groove where the solids hit the veneer piece that is the width of a penny on edge and I would approximate at 1/16 of an inch deep. The leaves are the same way. It is a very "dressy" set. I have a bag of pieces of the round that have come off of the base of the legs over the years and need to be glued back on after one does the jigsaw puzzle on it all!

What is fascinating--at least to me--is that this came from my wifes' great-aunt and that my grandmother's house has the same table and chairs in white oak but much more plain. The chair backs are much more simple.

I have included two pictures that tend to be the "best" to look at how it is, but could send more if it would be of any more assistance. I am just looking for a "general feel" as to what it may be as to manufacturer or such. People always ask how old it is and I can only tell the story as to where it came from.

Any ideas you have would be welcome!



ANSWER: These Jacobean style sets were manufactured 1915-1930.

i would ask you to take two more photos, one of the top of the table so I can see clearly the wood grain.  I suspect it is walnut veneer and not mahogany, same with the chair splat, it appears to be walnut but would like a clearer picture.  The legs and chair frames appear to be sweet gum.  

these were made mostly in walnut and oak by literally hundreds and hundreds of companies.

you may send all photos to my email as attachments but include the entire post.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

table top
table top  

Chair back
Chair back  
QUESTION: Here are two additional images. Looking at the unfinished wood under the table with great lighting, it may indeed be that you are correct. Walnut. What threw me was the tone and the preponderance of pin grain in the veneer. Looking at two old pieces of walnut, the color is very different, but I do see the pin grain when looking for it.

I took one of the chairs onto the front porch to get a bit more natural light.

Thanks for your help.

It is walnut, color can be altered by many factors, staining, time, light fading or darkening just to name a cuple.  even so, very often i see mahogany and walnut in the same pieces, even in the same frame and panel.

it is a good set, not the common grade.

I would price it at a shop assuming all the surfaces are good with only normal wear at 850-1250 for the table and 125-175 each for the chairs.

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