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QUESTION: A.W.Schram & son's company. Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Chair #14, of Chair #81, Upholster # S or 5.

What is it worth, and is it worth refinishing or is it best to leave as is.

ANSWER: it is a nice one, in oak.  as to value, condition means a lot when selling.

this would sell as is at 150-175.  her is the thing, buy some clear johnsons floor paste wax.  wax all surfaces, all, seat and everything.  you can put it on with a brush or rag, thinly, then wipe it with a soft clloth, wait for it to dry then buff with a rag and a shoe brush on the carving.  live with it before doing anything else.  i cdon't know how the webbing or spring ties are, they may have deteriorated some over the last 130 years.  you will have to determine that.

if it is restored, and i mean restored properly by a pro, then depending on how good they are and what they know, it could be retailed, in the cities at 850, possibly more.

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QUESTION: a few more small questions: A local reupholster gave me an estimate of $1,000.00 to redo the seat, webbing, the spring ties are still there, but the straw batting is a wreck. My husband can redo the small issues with the carving at the top, and also get the wood back into a shape, this is for our friends it was their families heirloom and mother's pride and joy, she used it greatly. Is it fair to tell them to invest into repair if they would only down the road be able to sell it if needed for less then what it will cost to repair? Or is this an item that they can consider a good investment? Or is this something they should store and hold onto just because it's an heirloom. I am just looking out for their interest. Thank you again for replying so soon. Jonnie

ANSWER: 1000 is way high compared to what it would cost here in pensacola fl.
where are you located??  maybe I know someone in the area.

I would not reupholster the back, leave it -- it is beautiful as it is!  just use the wax on that.  if the seat must be redone then go for that but in the same color to as the back.

here to do the seat by removing all the fabric, springs, webbing, nails, to a naked seat frame then going back with new webbing, smae springs, new padding, and all, using a non leather material, or fake leather, would be under 200$.

you can also use briwax in a brown color on the wood and top upholstery if you prefer that to the neutral johnsons.  i recommend these waxes because they contain no mineral oils or silicone oils.

investing 1000 in the chair and expecting to reclaim the investment in the future is not sound.  an example would be that since 2008 antiques, and high end antiques have taken a 40-60% hit.  we saw that from the mid 70s to the late 90s as well but not as severe.  The associative value is priceless, the intrinsic value fluctuates.


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QUESTION: Thank you for your help, and advice, my friend just wanted their Great Grandmother's chair restored to be a center piece in the home and we live in Montana, it's the same everywhere high priced to do it, it's a small market with big demand up here, and believe me they make a good living doing things like that up here.

Thank you again, all great suggestions and I will look into getting a few more estimates from other places if there are any others close by.


I hate to hear that about Steve's network.  Sean I have met personally and I can say that he is a solid down to earth person. real.  Steve might be but i have never met or talked to him in person.  The price is more than double what it should be since the back is good as it is.

You can do the seat yourself!!


these are the only ones I know in MT.

Sean Harrigan
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Steve Parker
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