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Hi Dave,

    I have a 1930's Mills stainless steel penny gum dispenser.They usually dispensed chiclets and adams . These were found in subways. train stations,etc. It looks to be in good shape but I do not have the key. I need help in getting it opened. Thanks for your time and response...Best Regards....Peteoa3eo

Hi, and thank you for your question.

I have seen many Mills machines that have had the rivets drilled out and the locks removed.  Apparently missing keys are a common issue with these machines.  Unfortunately I don't know anyone who has a selection of Mills keys available.  Finding someone who owns one with a key to copy would be helpful only if they have the same key number as your machine.  A good locksmith may be able to make a key for it.

I wish I could offer more help for you but there is really no easy answer to your challenge.

Good luck,
Dave brown

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