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Mirrored Vanity & Chair
Mirrored Vanity & Chai  
Chittenden & Eastman
Chittenden & Eastman  
I am considering refinishing my Chittenden & Eastman Antique Mirrored Vanity I inherited from my Great Grandmother. My father vanity piece for me when I was a young child. There are some minor cosmetic fixes I need to replace the middle mirror and one of the original wheels is missing.
Before I sand it and re-paint the chair and vanity I wanted to find out it's current value of this family antique.

1.)  What is the current value of this piece? I see a Chittenden & Eastman marking on the back of the piece.  
2.) If I was to re-finish or paint it would that be a bad idea?  Would painting it de-value the chair or mirrored vanity?
3.) What year was this made approximately?


ANSWER: use the followup function and post a picture of the vanity

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Here is the vanity. I am replacing mirror in middle since it had a crack.

manufactured in the 20s.  i would take the wheels off and leave them off but keep them.

you do not sand old finishes off, you use paint remover.  a gentle sanding afterwards--more of a wiping with sandpaper.  aggressive sanding is not recommended.  most people over sand and change contours, color and generally make things look bad.

if rem=finished properly, no problem.  improperly not a good thing.

if you paint, which seems to be the thing these days then use a clear coat first so the next person can get the paint off if desired.

stripping with a good stripper, not a thick bodied stripper.  clean after stripping with lacquer thinner.  light sanding, stain then clear coat.  rub with 320 no fil paper between clear coats.  same after final coat but follow the 320 with #0000 steel wool and wax.  briwax is good.  so is johnsons floor paste wax.

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